Top 3 21 + 3 Progressive Blackjack



  • 6-8 decks of cards are used in every game. 
  • There are a total of 52 cards in each deck (no Jokers).
  • Cards are shuffled before each game. 
  • 3 hands can be played at the same time against the dealer. 
  • Two initial cards are dealt to each active hand.  The dealer receives one face up card. 
  • Cards 2-10 are worth their face value. 
  • Jack, Queen and King cards have value of 10. 
  • Aces have a value of 1 or 11. 
  • An Ace and any 10 card value on a deal is a Natural Blackjack.  Any other combination of 21 is not a Natural Blackjack. 
  • When the dealer has Natural Blackjack with any 10 card value as a face up card and an Ace as a face down card, the game automatically ends without ever letting the plater to choose an action. 
  • Dealer stands on all 17’s. 
  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays. 


Player can choose one among the 4 – bet limit types: 

  • Micro Limit (Min bet- Max bet)
    • Main bet ($1.00 -$10.00)
    • Top 3 ($0.50- $5.00)
    • 21 + 3 Classic ($0.50 - $5.00) 
  • Low Limit (Min bet- Max bet)
    • Main bet ($5.00- $50.00)
    • Top 3 ($1.00- $25.00)
    • 21 + 3 Classic ($1.00- $25.00)
    • 21 + 3 Progressive ($5.00)
  • High Limit (Min bet- Max bet)
    • Main bet ($25.00 - $500.00)
    • Top 3 ($2.00 - $250.00)
    • 21 + 3 Classic ($2.00 - $250.00)
    • 21 + 3 Progressive ( $5.00)
  • High Roller Limit ( Min bet – Max bet)
    • Main bet ($100.00 -$2,000.00)
    • Top 3 ($5.00 - $1,000.00)
    • 21 + 3 Classic ($5.00 - $1,000.00)
    • 21 + 3 Progressive ($5.00)


  • The game can be played up to 3 hands at once by placing your bet on any of these bet positions.
  • Player can place bet by clicking on the bet spot area with the desire chip value or by clicking on the selected chip.  Every click increases your bets by the value of the selected chip. 
  • Side bet can be placed on betting areas on any of the player’s hands.  In each game round, the player can place any side bet for each hand that has a regular bet placed on it.
  • The minimum and maximum bet limits depend on limit type chosen by the player.  The limits apply to the initial bet only.  Actions that require an additional bet (Split, Insurance, and Double) can still be used even if you placed a bet equal to the maximum bet. 
  • Click the DEAL button to deal the cards.  Two cards are dealt with each of the player’s hands for which bet was placed and to the Dealer’s hand. 
  • The cards are dealt clockwise, one at a time to each hand in turns, with the first card going to the rightmost player hand.  If player is playing with more than one hand, actions are taken for each hand separately, starting from the rightmost hand once the cards have been dealt. 
  • When the player has played the final hand, the dealer then reveals the Dealer’s face down card and may draw additional cards, in accordance with the rules. 
  • When the dealer has stopped taking cards, each player’s hand is compared to the Dealer’s hand.  If player’s hand has a higher value than the dealer’s and has not exceeded 21, player wins with that hand. 
  • If any hand value exceeds 21, it is bust and automatically loses.
  • If any hand value of player’s and dealer hand value is equal, then it is a tie and result is PUSH (bet return). 
  • All the wins are accumulated and displayed in the total win meter. 


  • DEAL – Deal the cards
  • HIT – Request one more card. 
  • STAND – Draw no more cards and end player’s turn. 
  • DOUBLE – Doubles the bet on the selected hand and requests a final card. 
  • SPLIT – Split the hand into two if player holds a pair. 
  • REBET – Place the same bets as in the previous round. 
  • MIN ALL BETS – Minimum bet will be placed for all hands including all side bets.  For further rounds, when clicking this button, the minimum bet will be placed for only the previously placed bet
  • spots. 
  • MAX ALL BETS – Maximum bet will be placed for all hands including all side bets.  For further rounds, when clicking this button, the maximum bet will be placed for only the previously placed bet
  • spots. 
  • CHIP INFO – The chips $0.01, $0.05, $0.25 & $5,000.00 in the stack are optimized based on the bet made by the player.  They are used for winning representations. 
  • UNDO – Removes player’s top most chip in the chip stack and will clear the last chip placed for currently selected bet spot area. 
  • CANCE: BET – The cancel button is used to cancel the selected bet spot alone. 
  • CLEAR ALL BETS- It clears all the bets which are placed in all the bet spot areas. 



-  Allow the plater to insure the bet with two options.

- Always: Player can enable/disable this option for all round which offers the Insurance bet whenever the Dealer’s face up card is an Ace. 

- Never: Player can enable/disable this option for all round where the insurance bet is never offered whenever the Dealer’s face up card is an Ace.


– Allow the player with two options

- NORMAL: Speed of card dealt will be stable

- INSTANT: Speed of card dealt will be fast 


– When the speed pay is ON, the resultant outcome will be displayed instanstly for the active hands.  When the speed pay is OFF, the resultant outcome will be displayed from rightmost hand to left ( one by one ) consecutively. 

PLAYER WARNING- Include three options Hit, Stand, Double Down which allows the player to enable/ disable the option in the game. 


DEALER VOICE- Gives information about player and dealer total card value and resultant outcome. 

TABLE SOUND EFFECTS – This is background sound effect for card draw and game result effect. 

MUSIC- This allows player to enable or disable the background music. 


Player can double down on first two cards dealt. 

Player can double their bet (wager equals to original bet ) on a hand before player takes a third card. 

Player cannot double the bet on a hand after taking a third card. 

After doubling a bet, a final card will be dealt with player’s hand automatically. 

Double down after split allowed for all split hand except for the split Aces. 


If player’s first two cards have the same value (i.e., paired, for example two 7’s, two 10 valued cards, two face cards, etc.), then player may split them into 2 separate hands. 

A split hand places a bet equal to the original bet on each hand.  Dealer will then draw one additional card for each of these two hands. 

Player may draw as many cards as player likes on each split hand unless player splits 2 Aces  ( in which case plater can receive only 1 additional card for each Ace). 

If plater receives an Ace and a 10 – value card in a split hand, it is considered as 21 and not natural blackjack. 

Split permitted once per hand. 


Surrender available for all hands except Dealer Blackjack. 

Surrender is only available after initial cards and before any gameplay. 

Surrender allows the player to fold your hand and receive half your bet back. 


If the dealer’s first face up card is an Ace, Player will be given a chance to insure each of player’s regular bets of active hands against the dealer having Blackjack. 

You may choose any of the following options: 

YES- Click to accept Insurance and protect player’s bet for the current hand.  An insurance bet is fixed amount equal to 50% (half) of the original bet will be placed on the active hand.  

NO- Click to decline Insurance where the insurance bet will be dismissed for the active hand, and it will then offer with the same option for the next hands. 

Dealer is Blackjack: 

Pay Details: If dealer does get Blackjack, you will win the Insurance bet regardless of who win the game, even if you go bust.  You will be paid 2:1 for the insured bet. 

Dealer is not blackjack: 

Pay details:  If dealer does not get Blackjack, you will lose the Insurance bet and the stake is removed from the table.  The game will continue for the initial hand bet. 

Dealer and player both Blackjack: 

Pay Details: If both the dealer and the player have Blackjack, then the game will PUSH main bet and the insurance bet will be paid as per pay table.


When the player wins, the bet amount plus the payout amount is paid.

Winnings Payouts

  • Winning Hand 1:1
  • Insurance 2:1
  • Blackjack 3:2
  • Push Bet Returned


  • The game comprises of 3 optional side bets, that can be played in addition to each hand of the Blackjack.
  • Side bets can be played in any combinations except for Top 3 side bet (i.e., Player can choose any side bets but for playing Top 3, the player must wager on 21 + 3 Classic).
  • Once the main bet is placed, the side bets will be enabled for the player. 
  • Side bet results are determined after the initial deal.
  • The outcome of any of the side bets does not depend on the base game’s outcome.
  • Winning wagers will be paid based on the corresponding pay table combinations. The payout for Top 3 and 21 + 3 Classic side bets is calculated in the way the bet amount plus the payout amount is paid.
  • However, in 21 + 3 progressive the return payout is different because the $5.00 wager is making the player eligible for the progressive wins and is feeding into the progressive pool.


The theoretical average return represents the long- term expected payback of the game. 

Last modification date: 4/11/2023