Sweet As Candy Full House


Sweet as Candy Full Houseā„¢ is a 5x5 grid game where completing lines means Prizes! Climb the Prize Ladder with each line made and catch yourself a ticket to Free Spins!

Step 1: Getting Started

  1. Click the TOTAL BET button to increase or decrease the amount of your TOTAL BET. Select from the list of available stakes from the Total Bet options (depending on Operator configuration and currency equivalent).
  2. Click 'SPIN' to start your game.
  3. You have 5 Spins to land Winning Symbols in view and complete Prize Lines, the more Prize Lines you make the better the reward offered.

Step 2: How To Play

  • Press 'SPIN' to start the game (depending on jurisdiction and Operator configuration, Spacebar may also be used to start a game).
  • The reels will spin and eventually stop at random.
  • After 5 spins you may be offered the option to buy Extra Spins to continue the game.
  • Press COLLECT to claim the current prize (5 Prize Lines or more)
  • The price for the Extra Spin is shown on the spin button.

Candy Modifier

During any base game spin the plunger can land in view, this will award between 1 and 3 additional Winning Symbols to help create Prize Lines.

Bonus Activation

Complete 8 Prize Lines or more to be offered Free Spins.

Free Spins

During Free Spins the reels can deliver either a Gummy bear or a pip. Each Gummy bear that lands in view will award a cash value which is collected after each spin. Each spin has 25 chances to award a prize.

Payout Information and Game Rules

  • There are 12 Prize Lines and 11 awards on the paytable (the last position on the grid will always award at least 2 Prize Lines).
  • Cash Prizes from Free Spins range from 1x to 50x original base stake.

Last modification date: 1/2/2024