Book of Egypt

Game Objective

The aim of Book of Egypt is to get a winning combination of symbols once you have spun the reels.

How to Play

To start the reels rotating you have to click on "SPIN"1 even if you choose to click on "MAX BET" 2. If, when they stop, the reels show a winning combination (along a winning line on which you have played), you will win an amount as set out in the pay-out table. 

If you win on multiple lines at once, your winnings will be accumulated. You can view the pay table, pay lines and bonus combination information at any time by clicking on "i".

The winnings of each winning line are calculated by multiplying the share assigned to the winning combination (as in the pay-out table) by the amount played per line.

The total win is given by the sum of the winnings of each winning line. For the calculation of bonus winnings see the "Bonus" paragraph.

You will also have the "AUTOPLAY" mode available if you click on the "AUTOPLAY" button  3.  This will allow you to activate (through the "AUTOPLAY TABLE” panel) the automatic rotation of the reels for a set number of times which you can decide. You can also decide to block this mode with the "stop" button.

To start the reels rotating you have to click on "SPIN" (alternatively, press the spacebar of the keyboard).

For mobile devices, the buttons "Max Bet" and "Value" are not available as displayed on desktop but the player can set them through this button4

Bonus round

The bonus phase can only be accessed if the Scatter9 symbol appears 3 or more times anywhere on the reels, as well as replacing any other symbol with the wild function.

You will have 10 free spins and a special randomly chosen symbol that will appear anywhere on the reels as well as being expandable (Stacked).

You will be able to get an additional 10 free spins with at least 3 Scatter symbols.

Return to Player

The game does not have a minimum guaranteed amount for prize money. The return to player percentage (RTP%) for a single bet, is calculated on a statistical basis and equal to 95.03%.

Additional information

Misuse or Malfunction of the slot voids All pays and plays.

Last modification date: 9/20/2022