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How to Play Slots:

●      Choose the amount you would like to bet with. Control the bet amount by clicking the arrows next to the Coin Value or choose Max Bet (Max Coin Value).

●      Your winnings are automatically added to your account balance. You can see your Total Win displayed in the WIN section of the screen after each spin.

Game Rules:

●      The game is played with 5 fixed paylines and each game costs a minimum of 10 fixed coins.

●      Payouts are made according to the paytable.

●      Payline prizes are multiplied by coin value.

      All symbols pay from left to right in consecutive order, excluding the Scatter symbol.

●      Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols, excluding the Scatter symbol.

●      Only the highest win is paid per selected line.

●      Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

●      For this game, the long term expected payback is 94.23%.

 #WAGMI Multiplier Chart:

●     The #WAGMI multiplier chart shows the multiplier applicable to all wins for that spin. The multiplier increases or decreases with every spin.

●     The minimum and maximum multiplier in the base game is x1 to x10.

●     The multiplier changes by a maximum of +/- 2 after each spin and can never fall below x1.

●     When returning to the base game after free spins, the multiplier for the first spin will be +/-2 compared to the multiplier of the last base game spin before the free spins round.

●     Multiplier is applicable to payline wins only.


Go Ape Free Spins:

●     3 free spins symbols anywhere on the reels award 5 free spins.

●     3 free spins symbols during free spins award 3 additional free spins.

●     The free spins #WAGMI multiplier starts with x5.

●     The minimum and maximum multiplier in free spins is x5 to x100.

●     The multiplier changes by a maximum of +10 after each free spin. During free spins the multiplier either increases or remains the same. It never decreases.

●      If the game is interrupted due to connection loss during Free Spins or Bonus Rounds, the game will resume the remaining Free Spins or the pending Bonus Round upon re-opening.





Click to open menu



Click to open the PAYTABLE



Click to open the GAME SETTINGS



Click to open the GAME RULES



Click to switch full screen/exit full screen



Click to switch sound on/off



Click to spin



Click to max bet on a round



Click to open auto-bet



Click the arrows, pointing towards left or right, to scroll through the paytable pages



Click the X button to return to the game

Additional Information:

●      Guidance on RTP/Paylines/Bonus Feature/Wild/Free Spins is covered under the

Paytable section of respective games. You can access this by clicking the Paytable button.

●      Any stakes placed are non-refundable, unless a system malfunction occurs, in which case, all stakes placed on the game being played at the time of the malfunction will be refunded. We have no obligation to repay players who abuse these occurrences, and therefore, an alternative action may be deemed suitable depending on the individual circumstances.

●      The in-game paytable payouts are calculated as coin value * paytable factor when bet lines are kept constant.

●      If a query arises as a result of a gaming session, where there is a mismatch between your records and the data recorded by our servers, the latter will be considered correct.

●      In the event of any disagreement between yourself and this website, the management's decision will be considered final.

●      If the game is interrupted due to connection loss, Balance and Win information can be viewed using Game Logs.

●      In the event of malfunction of gaming hardware/software, all affected game bets and payouts are rendered void and all affected bets are refunded.


Last modification date: 2/9/2024