Wins of Nautilus


1. Choose a Bet Level

2. Spin the reels by:

  • Clicking/tapping the Spin button.
  • Clicking/tapping the Spacebar (Desktop mode only).
  • Starting a set number of spins using the AutoPlay menu.

While the reels are spinning, you can quick stop the game by pressing the Spin button.

The Fast Play increases the reel spin speed to display the spin results quicker without affecting them.

Open the settings to activate/deactivate the Fast Play.

 Some of these settings may not be available in the game you are playing.

All Bets and payouts are in the user's currency


Here you can choose your preferred AutoPlay settings.

Learn more about AutoPlay settings:

AutoPlay settings differ from game to game. Your game may not have all these settings. AutoPlay may not be available in certain markets.

  • AutoPlay enables you to automatically play a set number of consecutive game rounds without interacting with the game.
  • AutoPlay plays with the last Bet value you selected, or the casino default Bet value.
  • Each game has different AutoPlay settings. Some may not be available in the game you are playing.
  • The number of spins remaining in your AutoPlay session is displayed in the game.
  • Autoplay stops when the Free Spins are activated.

AutoPlay Settings

Number of spins

Set the number of spins you want to play.

Stop On Any Win

Stop the session if you win on a spin.

Single Win Limit

Stop the session if the win exceeds or equals the amount selected.

Win Limit

Stop the session if your balance increases and exceeds or equals the amount selected.

Loss Limit

Stop the session if your balance decreases and drops below or equals the amount selected.

Start AutoPlay:

Click/tap the AutoPlay button. This will open the settings dialogue enabling you to select the number of spins you want to play and adjust the stop settings.

Click/tap your AutoPlay settings.

Click/tap Confirm to start AutoPlay. This starts the AutoPlay session, and it continues until you run out of the set spins or click/tap the Stop button.

Click/tap the Stop button to end AutoPlay. To click/tap on this button does not influence the results of the spin.


Wins of Nautilus is a 6-reel, MEGAWAYS™ game featuring Avalanche, Countdown Bomb Feature, Respin Feature and the Deep Sea Free Spins.

The theoretical average return to player (RTP) for this game is 96.10%.

A MEGAWAYS™ win occurs when 3 or more identical symbols land on consecutive reels from the leftmost to right.

All wins pay left to right.

The win is multiplied by the number of winning symbols per reel according to the Paytable and by the Wild Multiplier (if any).

Symbols can appear in different sizes. Symbol size does not factor into its payout value

Winning combinations and payouts are made according to the Paytable.

The Paytable reflects the current Bet configuration and changes in accordance with the total Bet.

All Bets and payouts are in your currency. Payouts are based on the total Bet.

Only the highest win is paid per a MEGAWAYS™.

Only the longest matching combination for each symbol is paid. Simultaneous wins on different MEGAWAYS™ are added.

This game features a win cap of 10000x the bet made for the game round.


The game consists of 6 main reels.

Reels 1 and 6 can each show between 2 and 7 symbols per spin.

Reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 can each show between 2 and 6 symbols per spin.

There is an additional top reel which consists of 4 positions and spins horizontally.

The top reel contributes to winning combinations on the main reel set by acting as an extra row for reels 2-5.


Symbols in winning combinations pay out, explode and disappear, and new symbols take their place.

Symbols on the main reels fall down, and symbols on the top reel fill in from the right side of the reel.

Symbols do not transfer between the two reel sets.

Wins are evaluated before the winning symbols explode.

Any new winning combinations are evaluated once the new symbols fall into the reels.

The total win for the spin is awarded when no more Avalanches occur.


The Countdown Bomb symbol can appear on reels 2-5 and the top reel.

Each Countdown Bomb symbol appears with an Avalanche counter.

The starting value of the Avalanche counter ranges from 1 to 4.

Whenever an Avalanche occurs, every Countdown Bomb symbol on the reels has their Avalanche counter value decrease by 1.

When a Countdown Bomb symbol’s Avalanche counter reaches 0, the symbol explodes and creates a Full Reel Wild symbol with a Wild Multiplier value equal to 2 times its starting Avalanche counter value.

If the Countdown Bomb symbol is on the top reel, it will fall down into the main reel set before exploding, and a new random paying symbol will take its position on the top reel.

A chain explosion is activated if there are 2 Countdown Bomb symbols on the same reel when one of their Avalanche counters reaches 0. When this happens, both Countdown Bomb symbols explode, creating a Full Reel Wild symbol that has a multiplier equal to 2 times the sum value of both Countdown Bombs symbols' starting Avalanche counters values


Full Reel Wild symbol substitutes for all paying symbols during win evaluation.

Full Reel Wild symbols can only be created in the Countdown Bomb Feature and appear on reels 2-5.

Full Reel Wild symbols multiply the wins they are part of by their Wild Multipliers.

If 2 or more Full Reel Wild symbols are part of the same winning combination, their corresponding Wild Multipliers are multiplied by each other.


One or more Respin symbols appearing on reels 2-5 activate the Respin Feature.

Each Respin symbol removes itself and 2-10 random non-winning paying symbols from the reels and activates an Avalanche.

This Avalanche contributes to decreasing the Avalanche counter of all Countdown Bomb symbols on the reels.


Bonus symbols can appear on any reel in the Base Game and Deep Sea Free Spins.

Bonus symbols are collected into the Bonus Meter until no more Avalanches occur.

Bonus symbols on the reels are always collected at the end of the game round if the combined total of Bonus symbols collected in the Bonus Meter and on the reels is 3 or above.

3 or more Bonus symbols collected during one the Base Game spin activate the Deep Sea Free Spins.

3 Bonus symbols award 12 Deep Sea Free Spins. Each additional Bonus symbol awards 5 additional Deep Sea Free Spins.

In the Deep Sea Free Spins, there is a Multiplier that starts at x1 and is increased by 1 after each Avalanche.

All wins in the Deep Sea Free Spins are multiplied by the Multiplier.

Collecting 3 Bonus symbols in one Deep Sea Free Spin reactivates the Deep Sea Free Spins and awards 12 additional Deep Sea Free Spins, and each additional Bonus symbol adds 5 additional Deep Sea Free Spins.

The Deep Sea Free Spins are played with the same total Bet, awards and winning combinations as the spin which activated the Deep Sea Free Spins.

The Deep Sea Free Spins play automatically.

The Deep Sea Free Spins end when there are no Deep Sea Free Spins remaining, or when the win cap amount is reached.


You can buy Deep Sea Free Spins in the Base Game.

Buying Deep Sea Free Spins costs 60x and starts a round with a guaranteed Deep Sea Free Spins activation.

The theoretical RTP (return to player) for the Buy Free Spins Feature is 97.00%

The Payout is based on the Bet per spin value


Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

In accordance with fair gaming practices, the outcome of each and every game is completely independent.

The chances of getting a particular outcome are always the same at the start of every game.

The English version of the game rules prevails.

Last modification date: 5/10/2022